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Victims of Fraud is part of the international privat investigation agency Interludium BV, which was established in 1990.
Owner Dick Steffens has a background at the criminal investigation department of the Amsterdam police, specializing in international fraud and intelligence work. This experience forms the basis of the contemporary Interludum-FII. Financial Investigations and Intelligence.

Follow the Money, has been one of our core business points for years. International companies, including investors, law firms, and curators, use our unique facilities.

Our years of experience has led to worldwide contacts with financial and intelligence agencies. We offer research such as:

Interludium is unique in its field and of course reliable. We have a strong reputation in our discipline.

Of course we can do more. For information about this we would like to refer you to Interludium-FII

Victims of Fraud fits perfectly with our financial services. We do not offer you the moon, but we do have an exclusive research with serious chance of a good result.

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Haulussy The Law Company
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Haulussy has been involved in advising and guiding companies and visionary entrepreneurs for more than 25 years!

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Unique and has many years of experience in business, police/justice and security.

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Interludium FII
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Financial Investigations and Intelligence.

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